What to expect when cooperating with Mysteel UK Limited Company

What to expect when cooperating with Mysteel UK Limited Company

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  • First impressions of Mysteel UK Limited Company

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Forex is a stock exchange with over a billion accounts. There are players of all levels, but trading can only be done through a broker. Let's see what Mysteel UK Limited Company can offer.

First impressions of Mysteel UK Limited Company

The company is registered in England with its main office in London. They have a large quality control department with 150 employees. The service is convenient and offers a wide range of services. The website is fully functional with all the necessary tools for trading. There are active buttons on the top panel. A demo account is available for use immediately after registration.

All documents and reports are openly accessible. This is definitely a plus, as it shows that the company is not trying to hide anything. They have developed a mobile version and application for trading on smartphones. The conditions are outlined in the agreement, which can be reviewed at any time. The information is categorized, making it easy to find what you're looking for.

The website provides statistics, charts, analyses, and expert reviews. Clients also have access to educational materials. Registration is simple, requiring only a small questionnaire to gain access to the personal cabinet and account. If any difficulties arise, instructions and guides are available. There is also a customer support service. The company always informs about risks, provides consultations, and offers recommendations on portfolio management.


It all started in 2018 with a small company that worked with a limited number of assets. Officially, the founding date of Mysteel UK Limited Company is considered to be January 28, 2020. The company has both large and small investors, with over a million accounts opened and an annual turnover exceeding 25 billion dollars.

About Mysteel UK Limited Company in Detail

Mysteel UK Limited Company operates as a broker with integrity. The legality of its activities is confirmed by:

  • permission from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC);

  • permission from the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).

The company is also licensed and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority (EFSA).

The company strives to make Forex trading more transparent and accessible. Compensation is provided in case of bank closure. A demo account can be used for thirty days. There are structured courses, webinars, and other educational materials available. All articles and blogs are organized in a separate section. Training is always conducted under the supervision of an expert, which is especially important for beginners.

The broker's compensation is minimal, and the minimum deposit size at Mysteel UK Limited Company is determined by the tariff.


On the website, you can download trading terminals. There are sets of instructions and recommendations available. The company also assists in creating a financial portfolio. Client funds are always kept separate. Access to the account is available 24/7 with no restrictions.

Traders have access to over 120 instruments, which can be used for practicing skills during training.

Training is provided online with expert supervision. In addition to courses and webinars, there are useful articles and an informational blog.

One of the advantages of the broker is the availability of trading signals.

Customer Support

Mysteel UK Limited Company prioritizes customer satisfaction, and therefore, the customer support team responds promptly to inquiries. On average, a response is received within half an hour, and inquiries can be made not only in Russian. The website provides a form, email, or even social media for contacting support. Support is available 24/7.


No commission is charged for opening an account. Mysteel UK Limited Company specifies all payments in the agreement, without imposing additional fees.

The fee for withdrawing funds depends on the chosen method and varies depending on the bank and service. A fee of approximately 10 € may be charged for inactivity (if there are funds in the deposit). Certain fees may be applicable for active trading.

Forex Trading

Mysteel UK Limited Company, a broker, offers flexible, transparent conditions and reasonable commissions for traders. Training and over 120 instruments are provided for traders. Here's what else you can get:

  • Response from customer support within half an hour;

  • Regular data updates;

  • Recommendations on portfolio composition;

  • Leverage;

  • Automated commands;

  • Risk information and account protection.

Trading permissions at Mysteel UK Limited Company are divided by asset classes and countries.


Mysteel UK Limited Company is a licensed intermediary exchange offering flexible and transparent cooperation conditions. There is a bonus system, free training, and an official website. The platform operates 24/7 without hidden fees.


  • Question: What is the minimum deposit amount?

  • Answer: The minimum deposit amount is $10.

  • Question: What types of orders does the brand offer?

  • Answer: The company provides the following types of orders: market, limit, stop-limit orders, and stop-market orders, including stop-loss and take-profit.

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    23 June 2023 18:52 Lili
    Mysteel UK Limited is my top choice of forex broker. They have tight spreads and deposit and withdrawal transactions are free. I have been working with Mysteel UK Limited for more than a year - a good broker with high leverage, fast execution and good support. The commission is high compared to some other brokers. Overall very happy with the BROKER!
  2. img
    23 June 2023 18:54 Adolfo
    One of the best brokers. Mysteel UK Limited offers tight spreads, low commissions and high swap rates. No funding problems (withdrawals not yet used). Some brokers have better spreads on currency pairs, but overall trading conditions are very good. I trade with confidence. Customer service is excellent and knowledgeable.

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