7 best books to learn how to be self-confident

7 best books to learn how to be self-confident

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Trust Yourself by Isabel Filliosa

Trust Yourself is the most comprehensive book on self-confidence. The author has a very clear opinion on the subject. For her, insecurity does not exist. It is a false excuse that we hide behind... fear.

Yes, we are afraid. Fear is a natural and healthy emotion. It comes to tell us that we feel we lack the resources to achieve our goal. What's wrong with that? Nothing. All we have to do is train or react to certain problems.

In fact, fear invites us to work on ourselves and improve.

While insecurity tells us to stop. Yes because insecurity is like an impassable mountain. It is a barrier that separates us.

The author in this book offers us to learn how to gain self-confidence through quite concrete, pragmatic and simple exercises and rituals.

Through her explanations, examples and exercises, she shatters our belief that we are worthless and lacking in self-confidence, and it is liberating.

Imperfect, Free and Happy, Christophe André.

The book "Imperfect, Free and Happy" invites us to see self-confidence and insecurity from a more psychological perspective and helps us remove the barriers we set ourselves.

There are books that change lives and this is one such book. Indeed, the author advises us to talk to ourselves as a friend. This is advice for every day.

Indeed, we tend to criticise ourselves. Throughout the day we point fingers at our actions, our words and our thoughts, we spend time saying to ourselves: this is not good, what can I do better.... And little by little, this criticism erodes our self-confidence.

Talking to ourselves in a friendly way means recognising our inner judge and telling it, "Yes, of course I can do better. I can always do better. But, I did enough today, and I've had enough."

When we read this book, we feel understood, and we have good tips for building self-confidence.

Assert yourself and communicate, Madeleine Beaudry and Jean-Marie Boisver

The book Being Assertive and Communicating will also turn your life around. It is not specifically about self-confidence. The book is primarily about the importance of living life for yourself, to stop feeling guilty or afraid of others.
It is a liberating book!

After reading the book you will feel happier and freer than ever because you will begin to better understand your place and the place of others. Better understand your responsibility to yourself and others.

In fact, as you read this book, you will have the answer to that question, "Where am I in all of this?"

We sincerely recommend this book if you struggle with self-affirmation, if you don't feel like you truly know yourself, if you don't know what you want or need.

Give yourself this gift!

Learning to be self-confident means learning to live for yourself.


The Pursuit of Perfect by Tal Ben-Shahar

The book "The Pursuit of Perfect" doesn't specifically talk about self-confidence either, but it is very helpful in this area.

Indeed, the whole purpose of this reading is to help us understand and accept that we are imperfect.

The author suggests that we ignite the perfectionist in us , the one who asks us to be perfect, because it is the one who undermines our confidence in us.

It is time to realise that we are not machines and our purpose in life is not to be perfect.

We have the right to make mistakes, change our minds and love ourselves anyway.

The perfect book to learn to believe in yourself

God always travels incognito, Laurent Gounel

If there is a novel that can teach us self-confidence, it is "God is always travelling incognito" . This book is a gem!

Indeed, we follow the adventures of a man who is catastrophically lacking in everything: faith in himself, self-esteem, love and friendship. He is so miserable that he almost kills himself. But, at just the right moment, a man approaches him and offers him a deal: "Follow my advice, and if it doesn't work out, come back to continue what you started."

As the character applies the advice of this very mysterious man, he gains confidence, his life changes, everything changes. As we read along with him, we too gain valuable advice for ourselves to become confident.

We recommend it because this book has tips that have enabled many people to gain self-confidence and also overcome the fear of disappointing others.

Yes, to have self-confidence, you must give yourself permission to disappoint others. Once you apply this advice, everything will change.

The Man Who Wanted to Be Happy" by Laurent Gounel.

Laurent Gunel's books are relevant, inspiring and enjoyable to read.

The book "The Man Who Wanted to Be Happy" is interesting because it helps us to understand our beliefs. Indeed, it is our beliefs, everything we believe about ourselves, others and the world that lead us to insecurity and unhappiness.

In fact, we are only a reflection of our thoughts, just as others and the world are only a reflection of our thoughts.

It's high time we figured this out. However, this is not an obvious "job" so it is important to accompany yourself with this novel.

We follow the adventures of a man on holiday in Bali. He goes to meet a Balinese sage, a healer whose wisdom everyone praises. The sage listens to the man and the verdict is final: "You are miserable"

After the meeting, the man realises his beliefs and deals with them.

Your second life begins when you realise you only have one, Rafael Giordano.

The book "Your second begins when you realise you only have one" is also an important novel to learn how to be self-reliant.

Indeed, in this book we meet a woman in her forties, married, with a child, unfulfilled as either a worker or a woman. She finally breaks down one evening in front of a stranger who looks at her and says to her: "You are suffering from an acute routine. "

The man offers to train her, which means training us, our readers, by the way!

The advice in this book is relevant and benevolent. This book has the power to change lives!

We learn to come back to our needs and wants. We learn to move forward and stop looking for excuses, to act, to take risks, to try. In other words: we learn to live fully.

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