self development books part 1

self development books part 1

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Book 1: Self-Esteem, Confidence, Self-Love: The Three Pillars of Success - Patrice Ras

(Estime de soi, confiance en soi, amour de soi : Les trois pilliers du succès - Patrice Ras)

Summary: Recognising your worth, your attitude and your self-confidence... These three concepts are interdependent and complementary. This practical book offers a comprehensive assessment of your level in these three areas, followed by a set of solutions to restore balance according to typical profiles (shyness, looseness, narcissism, or arrogance). In this way, you can rediscover your true worth and come to terms with your image in order to live in love, not in fear!

This book will enable you to assess your self-image. Through tests, questions and explanations, it will encourage you to think about yourself and others.

It will help you better understand the emotions you feel when faced with certain situations. We recommend it if you want to get to know yourself better and develop your self-esteem.

Book 2: Free, Empowered and Happy: Self-esteem Techniques - Christophe Andre

(Imparfaits, libres et heureux : Pratiques de l’estime de soi - Christophe André)

Summary: Become finally yourself. Stop worrying about the impact you have on others. Act without fear of failure or judgement. No longer tremble at the thought of rejection. And calmly find your place among others. This book will help you move towards self-esteem. Build it, rebuild it, protect it. It will help you accept and love yourself, even if you are imperfect. Not to come to terms with yourself, but to evolve for the better.

In this book, you will find the words of a friend trying to help you feel better about yourself. As you move forward, it will help you realise some truths and encourage you to change for the better.

Reviews of the book have been very positive: it is accessible and easy to follow, and each fact is illustrated with concrete examples that resonate with everyone.

Book 3: Self-Assessment for Dummies - Reana Branch and Rob Willson

(L’Estime de soi pour les Nuls - Rhena Branch & Rob Willson)

Summary: Rethink your self-esteem and feel better about yourself! That's the aim of this simple, fun, optimistic and practical book! Whether you're outgoing or shy, attached to other people's opinions or not, this book will help you go on a quest to learn more about yourself, gain confidence and let your inner strength shine and radiate in and around you.

Topics covered include:

  • Accepting yourself as you are and accepting others as they are

  • Understanding your emotions, your potential, your thoughts, your physical and mental limitations, your upbringing

  • Managing phobias, complexes and feelings of guilt

  • Building a personal and professional action plan

  • Experience compassion for yourself

  • Become your own best friend

  • Manage conflict

The For Dummies series is renowned, and the book on self-esteem is no exception. Readers love it: they say the book is very comprehensive and that it gives them a deep insight into themselves.

It contains lots of advice and explanations, often inspired by CBT practice.

Book 4: The Little Book of Self-Esteem - Mariette Strub-Delen

(Le Petit Livre de l’estime de soi - Mariette Strub-Delain)

Summary: Self-esteem, also known as 'self-esteem', is the deeply held opinion we all have of ourselves about our character, our appearance, our spirit and everything else about our personality. Self-esteem is the driving force behind our daily lives, allowing us to accept ourselves, love ourselves and love others. But today, many people suffer from low self-esteem, so they don't dare to do what they really want to do.

Thanks to this small book with many practical exercises and tips, you will be able to assess your situation, ask yourself the right questions, choose the solutions best suited to your situation and develop all your inner strengths.

This book is a very brief collection of tips and exercises to help you understand why you lack self-esteem and how to increase it. It is intended primarily for people who enjoy short books.

Book 5: Self-esteem: Loving yourself to live better with others - Christophe André and François Lelord

(L’estime de soi : s’aimer pour mieux vivre avec les autres - Christophe André & François Lelord)

Summary: When we don't value ourselves, we are rarely happy. We doubt ourselves, we don't always make the right choices and we feel vulnerable in the face of difficulties. But nothing is irreparable. This book will help you assess your personal situation. It will give you all the clues you need to understand how self-esteem is established in childhood, develops through adolescence and then has a crucial impact on your emotional, marital and professional life. Finally, the book offers practical solutions to help you live in greater harmony with yourself... and with others.

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