But what is personal development? Part 2

But what is personal development? Part 2

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Influence et manipulation
Robert Cialdini

The only difference between the two concepts is the intention. We speak of manipulation when techniques are used to take control of a person or group of people. On the other hand, we are talking about influence when it is used to help or promote a person.

Here the writer raises a very interesting question: why do people do things against their will? What reasons make us say "yes" to certain things, even though internally we think "no"? Robert Cialdini shares his analysis, the fruit of years of research into persuasion techniques. Throughout the book, he reveals the "psychological" secrets behind this reaction that each of us has, which is the result of a certain influence, as well as the means used by some manipulation specialists (salesmen, marketers, etc.). Finally, the book teaches us how to fight these influences and stop allowing ourselves to be influenced in our choices.

Start with WHY

Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek argues in his book that it is the 'why' that inspires action, motivates people and keeps them motivated in difficult times. It is by embodying this 'why' and effectively communicating it to people that we will become an inspirational leader, says Sinek. "People don't buy what you do," he explains. They buy why you do it."

The author reinforces this thesis with various examples of companies and leaders who have succeeded through a model he calls the "golden circle". Imagine a target with different circles: the 'what' and the 'how', with the 'why' in the centre.

He explains how each of us can achieve greater success and satisfaction by inspiring others with a common goal, as opposed to the coercive and manipulative tactics most commonly used in conventional marketing.

What can we learn?

In his book, Simon Sinek offers a redefinition of what constitutes true leadership, and a great tool for restoring purpose-driven passion to your own work.

Unlimited Power: The New Science Of Personal Achievement
Anthony Robbins

The main message of the book is that there are no failures in life! Every step you take, even if you fall, is a unique opportunity to learn and grow;

  • You can control your brain and change your emotions;

  • You can conquer anything by applying 'imitation';

  • Use eye movement to activate your brain and improve your memory and creativity;

  • In order for people to understand the message you really want to convey, you need to find the right channel of communication;

  • By changing your body language, you change your emotions and increase your energy;

The power of persuasion comes from aligning your body and mind with a powerful action plan.

The Astonishing Power of Emotions
Esther and Jerry Hicks

Esther and Jerry Hicks' work on the Law of Attraction has received worldwide acclaim. In this fascinating book, they help you understand the ups and downs of emotions in your everyday life through Abraham's powerful teachings.

Learn how to stop feeling out of control and begin to bring your emotional experiences into balance. Learn how to understand each of the emotions you experience in everyday life, what they mean and how to use them effectively.

As you listen, you will begin to appreciate and feel at peace with your current state of being, even if there is infinitely more you could want.

Every thought you absorb will lead you to a greater understanding of your own self-worth and show you how to open doors to all that you would like to be, do or have.

And when you've finished listening to this audiobook, you may well think, "I always knew it, and now I know it!".

The cheat sheets of happiness
Jonathan Lehmann

Les Antisèches du bonheur is a collection of 18 highly effective principles and practices for reducing the impact and duration of our negative thoughts and emotions on a daily basis.

Located at the intersection of ancient wisdom and modern science, this innovative method has already changed the lives of thousands of people.

With his frank and funny style, Jonathan Lehmann has brought a breath of fresh air into the world of personal development, giving us the keys to turning our tyrannical mind into a real tool for happiness.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck
Mark Manson

Warning This latest book goes against all self-help books

The Subtle Art of Not Caring is your chance to dare to be happy in your own way and lead a happier, more down-to-earth life.

In this generation-defining self-help guide, superstar blogger Mark Manson tells us how to stop trying to be 'positive' and achieve true happiness.

For years we've been told that positive thinking is the key to a happy, abundant life. But..." Let's be honest, shit happens in everyone's life and you have to live with it," says Mark Manson.

This advice is a dose of raw, refreshing and honest truth that is sorely lacking today.

The book The Subtle Art of Not Caring is his antidote to the dull "let's be happy" mentality that infects our society. Manson makes the argument, backed up by both academic research and anecdotes, that improving our lives depends not only on our ability to turn lemons into lemonade, but also on our ability to digest them better.

In his bestselling book, the author suggests :

  • Know your limits and accept them

  • Know how to face painful truths.

  • Recognize your fears and insecurities.

  • Find true courage, perseverance, honesty and responsibility.

"A truly happy person does not feel the need to stand in front of a mirror and repeat "I am happy" 50 times. They are just happy."

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